During the two-year period preceding the IANA transition in 2016 there was a near-superhuman effort put forth by the community of stakeholders to…
Dynamics at the Internet’s core erode stakeholder legitimacy and aid Sino-Russian efforts for multilateral control.
Enhanced subscriber benefits. Same knowledgeable and clearly communicated expertise.
A company with 69% operating margin shouldn’t be tying security and stability of the Internet to price increases.
Omnibus Report Language Signals Mounting Congressional Frustration with ICANN Policy Failures, Obstruction of Law Enforcement Investigations
Much attention is paid to the market power of Big Tech at the edge of the Internet — but what about the Internet’s core? After all, shouldn’t efforts to…
A public interest project offering insights on ICANN and Internet governance.
Auctions Betray Brands and Trademark Registrants
VeriSign CEO indicates “ICANN process” is moving forward; expect public comment period soon.
Vint Cerf — the founding president of the Internet Society and, now, Google’s Chief Evangelist — recently mounted a rather chiding defense of the sale…
It’s time for a reset before it’s too late.
Safeguarding the public interest should also include contributing to online safety and rights protections.