An Open Letter to Ethos CapitalListen now | Insights on the recently failed sale of the .ORG domain name registry to private equity. These were first published in a comment to a CircleID article posted by Ethos Capital CEO Erik Brooks. Content has been lightly edited for clarity.
Insights for after-action analysis of recently failed .ORG sale.
An unsigned letter from Verisign is bombastic, accusatory, and mostly wrong.
Vint Cerf — the founding president of the Internet Society and, now, Google’s Chief Evangelist — recently mounted a rather chiding defense of the sale …
Auctions Betray Brands and Trademark Registrants
The community needs to get with the program and assert itself now — while it still can.
VeriSign CEO indicates “ICANN process” is moving forward; expect public comment period soon.
Safeguarding the public interest should also include contributing to online safety and rights protections.
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