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The Internet doesn’t have a heart — nor brain or soul — it has a root consisting of thirteen servers, an encrypted .TXT file, and some technical standards and protocols. It’s not found on any globe, but it is populated with a community of stakeholders engaged in much of the same politicking for power and profit as any other human exploit. 

DNSDecrypt is your trusted source for reliable information and independent analysis of Internet politics and policy. We work hard to uncover and analyze timely, relevant and open-source archival records, published correspondence, documents from court proceedings, and many other publicly-available but often hard-to-find sources that help reveal the goings-on at the root of the global Internet. We exist to be a resource for Internet users, Domain Name System (DNS) stakeholders, government policymakers, and investors that is:


DNSDecrypt is an independent knowledge resource that demystifies ICANN and Internet governance; explains arcana and acronyms into plain English; and, informs the reader’s knowledge about DNS policy, the domain name industry, and Internet governance.


DNSDecrypt offers an insider’s perspective and delivers decisional insights that are a force-multiplier for managing risk and maximizing ROI.  


DNSDecrypt delivers only the best and most reliable open-source information and never includes material, non-public -- or otherwise confidential -- information.

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Greg Thomas is the publisher of DNSDecrypt, a publication about Internet politics and policy. Prior to founding DNSDecrypt in July 2019, Greg held numerous technology and Internet policy leadership roles at some of the world's best-known companies.